The Turk


Hello my Beauties!

Hope you’re all fantastic!

I’m back from my holiday, and have definitely caught a touch of the holiday blues. In the short 24 hours that I have been home, I have moved my way through the 5 stages of grief.  Denial – sitting in the bar on Friday evening, waiting for the transfer bus to the airport I spent more time trying to convince myself that my holiday was not over, than I did actually enjoying myself. Anger – upon arriving at Dalaman airport and discovering a 4 hour delay propelled me into the anger stage at great speed. I could have spent a little bit longer reveling in the last few hours of my time in Hisaronu. Bargaining – My lovely dad picked us up from the airport, and I spent the whole car ride home pleading with him to take me to Gatwick so I could catch the next flight back to Turkey. Depression – when the plane wheels touched down in Stansted, I felt as though I’d left my heart back in Turkey, the tears started and didn’t fully stop until this morning, when I entered stage 5, acceptance. I’ve been online and found a holiday at the same place next year for 10 days, and am currently trying to convince my sister to come with me.

I know I said I would be avoiding men for the duration of my break, but you know me.

We frequented a lovely bar, where my sister took a liking to one of the waiters, who I have to say, had the most amazing dance moves. We agreed that from the movement of his hips when he danced, he would be amazing in bed. Neither of us tested this theory. We decided to try one of the bars I’d been to on a previous visit there one of the nights, and instantly hit it off with one of the bar staff. He was lovely. We were sat inside as there were no seats outside, but as soon as one came up he picked up our drinks and moved them outside. He chatted and flirted, and so did his friend.

After a few more drinks he turned to me and asked if he could have a kiss. I tapped his cheek and said a little one on the cheek. He said ok, but did that sneaky head turn and kissed me. I am fully aware that these Turkish waiters and bar staff flirt with every girl that comes into the bar, but it was nice.

More drinks flowed and so did the kisses. He would come up behind me and put his arms around my waist and ask for another kiss. Again, I know he probably does this to so many girls, but it was cute. He joined us for a round of shots and also made me a paper rose, which was genuinely amazing!

We decided to call it a night at about 4, and he walked us down the stairs out of the bar and we said our goodbyes.

My sister had a pretty good time with another waiter, but wasn’t overly impressed with the lip on lip action I was getting, but I reminded her that we went back to her favourite bar so that she could oggle Mr Magic Hips, so she had no leg to stand on!

In an ideal world, I would be getting back on a plane tomorrow and going back to the beautiful town of Hisaronu to see my beautiful Turkish friends. But I will have to go back to work, to earn some money so that I can go back in May.

Hope this post holiday blog hasn’t been too boring!

Back to the dating apps I go!


Single in South Essex



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