Okay beauts, I am off on holiday tomorrow, because this ghostly white complexion is not doing anything for my dating game.

I fully intend to worship the sun and return home with at least a tiny tinge of a tan. I’ve readied myself with the Miracle Sun Lotion, which is supposed to act as a tan enhancer, but doesn’t contain self-tan. I’ve heard really good reviews and let’s face it, if it doesn’t work it’s not like I’d notice. I never ever tan.

I’ve got some new swimsuits, and they’re a little racier than I would normally have picked, but I’ve dropped a little pre-holiday weight and I’m all about the body confidence this year. This has to be my favourite pre-holiday purchase:


Like I said, a little racy, but I reckon it’ll be ok. If its not, well, I won’t be seeing any of those people again so who cares.

After the year I’ve had with dating and men in general, a girly holiday with my little sister is just what the doctor ordered. Everything is set and ready to leave tomorrow, I just can’t wait for the traveling aspect to be done, so I can strip off and get round the pool.

This is going to be a 100% break from everything, my sister and I have promised no work talk, not blogging, virtually no social media, we are going off the grid! Its been such a long time since my life didn’t revolve around social media (dating or otherwise) and to be honest my head is a little all over the place trying to understand the male brain – guys how do you flirt like no one’s business, saying how fantastic we girls are, then nothing, radio silence? The mind baffles.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain the mini break from blogging I will be taking, but fear not, I will come back fully refreshed and ready to date again!


Single in South Essex



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