Apparently I’m ‘Not all that’


Men never cease to amaze me. They say we women are difficult to understand, but men are just as confusing.

I received a message on Tinder the other day, I read it and had every intention of replying, but got side tracked with something. I can’t remember what, but it was probably food or wine related, because that takes priority over every damn thing! 😉

The message read ‘Hi there, liked your profile. Care to chat? 🙂 x’

Regardless of my reason for not replying, I would not expect a follow up message a few hours later only containing punctuation – ‘??!!’. After receiving that there was no way I was going to entertain that conversation. I love a good bit of punctuation, I really do, but I do not wish to be sent a message purely containing exclamation and question marks. Everyone knows that’s A) Attention seeking B) Borderline Shouting and C) Completely unnecessary.

This guy obviously takes being ignored as well as I take attention seeking messages, because he sent me another message. ‘Your not all that anyway.’  I fought the urge to correct his grammar, if you’re going to insult me, at least have the decency to get the basic use of your and you’re correct!

Well, sunshine, if I wasn’t all that, surely you wouldn’t have swiped right on me, then pursued a conversation with me? Clearly I am all that and then some, and you just can’t handle the fact that you’re more into me than I am you.

I think I’ve found another case of undiagnosed Dating Bipolar – I swear some men have more mood swings than a pregnant woman deprived of chocolate. I mean come on. Within the space of a day he went from smiley emojis and x’s to you’re not all that. I feel like I’m in a stereotypical 90’s chick flick, being told I’m not all that. Per-lease, bring your insults all the way up here to 2015, or don’t bother, because you’ll only come off looking like a complete Neanderthal and I’ll keep smiling into my wine.


Single in South Essex



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