Mr Money Money Money


I kid you not, I have just received a messaged from a 21 year old ‘actively seeking a relationship’ asking me about money, more specifically, if I was on more than £25000 a year.

There are so many things wrong with this.

First of all, this little boy has broken one of my more important rules and that is – Do not talk about money. Money is the route of all evil, and no good can come from discussing it with potential suitors. Not that this child has any remote chance of becoming more than an irritating little bug in my metaphorical soup of PoF messages.

Second of all, he responded to my shockingly mild tempered message with a snotty failed attempt at an attack.

I said, ‘Oh wow, did you actually just ask about money in the first message, talk about an online dating etiquette fail.’

Which for me, I think you’ll agree is fairly tame.

He replied, ‘Yeah, you’re right! I’ll phone my parents and blame them for raising a greedy yet money wise son. Brb.’ Closely followed with ‘It was the intention apparently.’

Well, bub, its my intention to avoid money grabbing little wretches like you, I do not wish to fund your Playstation/Xbox habit, I do not wish to foot the bill on every date, and I certainly do not intend to pursue this conversation any further, for you my socially impaired friend, are an asshat.

I closed the app and tried to calm myself down, what an absolute prick.

But, as with most pricks, they have to get a response, or their pricky-ness has gone to waste.

‘Why would I talk to someone who has no vision for the future?!’

Basically translated to

I want a girlfriend who can support us both, so I can be a lazy layabout all day long.

He had better see sense and cease fire on those messages before I feel compelled to fire back, and it won’t be pretty.

Please excuse the angry rant, It’s a busy time at work and this has just really worked my last nerve!


Single in South Essex



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