Tindering whilst Intoxicated.

I know in the past I have ripped into people participating in drunk tinder activities, but that was before I had drunk 2 bottles of wine and opened the app for myself.

Let me apologise now, I totally get it!

I don’t if it is the wine talking, or the fact that I have had some sudden epiphany with regards to my out look on dating, but I have a new found view on these Tinder men.  *Takes another slug of wine* I know I am a judgmental cow, and to be honest I’m totally happy that way. I’ve got everything I ever dreamed of having, aside from Mr Perfect, but I’m beginning to doubt he even exists.

Whilst drunkenly swiping through tinder with my new found lower standards, I have engaged in conversations I never would have sober, I’ve laughed at my screen, and not because the crude sexual requests that I have been sent.

I literally have just had a conversation with a man, about Toast. Those of you who know me personally, know how much I love a slice of toast after a drink.

In all fairness, he did start the conversation ‘Yummy’ which, had I have been sober, I would have sent a shitty reply, telling him how much of a douche he was, and then ignoring him. But drunk me replied;

‘I can only assume you’re referring to your dinner?’

He said no, I said he should be, and now we have engaged in a 25 minute conversation about food, of course focusing primarily on toast.

In this time, I have also gone and made myself some toast, and poured another glass of wine.

I know I can be very opinionated and blunt, but I think this intoxicated tinder session has given me a brand new outlook.

I am extremely picky, I probably alienate potential suitors before they even ask me to accompany them for a drink, and I am definitely too sarcastic for my own good, but right now, I’m happy as I am. When I decide to take this dating bullshit seriously, I should probably re-evaluate my attitude.


A rather merry, Single in South Essex



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