No Offence but…


Starting any sentence with ‘no offence’ is the pussy’s way of saying something offensive and expecting the recipient of the bullshit no offence comment to sit back and take it, whilst nodding along and agreeing with every word.

I had the following interaction with what I can only describe as an absolute cock.


Oh and one last thing, No offence but you’re a douche nugget.

I think I won this one, as he has failed to respond to my well constructed reply. I do hope he has taken a good look at himself in the mirror, and come to realise what a complete and utter twat he is.

Yes my profile might reflect that of an Essex girl, but there is a mighty good reason for that …. I am an Essex Girl.

To set the record straight – this is my exact profile text:

Hi, I’m just me, I read a lot, I go out with friends, I study part time, while working full time and I was a home owner at 22 I’m into cars, both classic and modern. I go to the gym 4 times a week, but that is just so I can eat more. I’m a huge fan of banter, and can give as good as I get.  Anything else you want to know, I guess you can ask.

Short and to the point.  I have addressed points that I look for when reading a profile;

Hobbies/Social activity

Work/ Ambition


A small joke – which also rings painfully true!

This guy really wound me up – who does he think he is with his equally generic profile and his ridiculous group photo profile picture.

I’m not to every ones taste, I accept that. But this guy was painting me as some deluded little Essex girl, who thought her profile was gloriously original. Per-lease. There are only so many styles of dating profiles, which therefore means, unless you announce the recent crime spree you’ve just been on, on your about me, your profile is going to some what resemble at least a handful of other profiles.

I’m very happy being generic. Thank you very much, Prick.


Single in South Essex



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