The Bragger


Something that I find completely and utterly unattractive is a man that brags, especially on a date.

I went on a date with this guy, it was nice enough, nothing to write home about.  The reason that I would not be entertaining the idea of another date with him was his incessant chit chat about all the amazing stuff he owned or had done.

Telling me he’s earning mega bucks and then asking me back to his flat share is not exactly consistent.

I’m not a materialistic person, I’m just as happy sitting in front of the TV with a Tesco meal deal and a cheap(ish) bottle of wine as I would be in a fancy restaurant.  If I want something extra nice, I save my pennies and buy it for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things, but I’m not expecting a man to buy them for me. Certain times of the year do call for something more than a supermarket dinner in front of the TV, like Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentine’s day, but the rest of the year I don’t need to be frequenting plush restaurants or events.

This guy, Mr Moneybags, took me to a lovely Thai restaurant, and now I completely understand where the phrase, you get what you pay for comes from. The food was amazing, and yes, I was impressed.

Then he started going on about all the things he has. I’m not talking STIs, I’m talking flash cars (Audi TT) expensive watch (Rolex) and expensive suites and shoes. He bored me with stories of not being able to decide between 2 items, so buying both.  He educated me on all of the places he’d travelled, of course staying in 5 star hotels. It was like all he was, was his money.

After we finished the meal, he asked if I’d like to come back to his for a glass of wine. I thought better of the idea, and politely declined. He then informed me he lived just round the corner from the restaurant, and asked if I was sure I didn’t want to come in for a glass of wine.  I declined again, more forcefully which he accepted and offered to take me home. He told me he had to quickly pop home to drop a key off for his housemate. HOUSEMATE? So a bloke that is happy to spend thousands on a car and thousands on a watch, is happy to share a house? Fortunately I had driven myself, so did not need to tag along to drop the keys off and then endure 20 more minutes of bragging in the car on the way to mine.

That flat share nonsense makes no sense to me! I would much rather have my own home than expensive jewellery.  Each to their own I suppose but to me, he had nothing to brag about.

I’m not sure where this financial peacocking syndrome came from? I know a few women that do the same, so it definitely isn’t just a male thing.  Something must have happened in these people’s lives to make them feel like they need material objects to be worthy of attention. As soon as anyone starts talking about how much money they have or all the things that they have I instantly zone out. It bores me. When my friends get something new and exciting, like a car, I’m over the moon for them because I know how much they wanted it, when a stranger tries to impress me by telling me about all of his possessions, I could not care less.

Depending on my mood, I’ll either outright ignore them, or as I did on this particular date, I’ll say something along the lines of ‘Oh my god, that’s amazing, but have you seen this…. [show them my Michael Kors knock off] this cost me a whole £2.49. Pretty impressive, right? Bet you don’t see many of these bad boys knocking about!’  This was met with some awkward stuttering and a false compliment, signalling the end of the date, where he walked me to my car, my brand new car. Upon seeing me oh so elegantly clamber in, he then looked horrified that I chose to brag about a cheap knockoff watch which has slightly stained my wrist a fetching shade of puke green, rather than the beautiful new car in which I had just sped off in.

Bragging is a quality I find very unattractive. Perhaps that is because I was raised not to rub my success in other peoples faces, and although at times it is difficult not to tell everyone how wonderful I am, I never do.


Single in South Essex



4 thoughts on “The Bragger

  1. One-up-man-ship. I used to do it until I realised no-one really cares about what you have, they only care that what they have is better than what you have. And if no-one cares, then what is the point?

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