Mr Off His Meds…


I matched with a guy on Tinder and started talking.  He seemed nice, down to earth, and was rather fortunate looking.  His ‘about me’ section was well thought out, with a little humour and most importantly, no spelling mistakes.  He messaged me pretty quickly after we matched with a genuine opening line, no cheesy chat-ups, no inappropriate comments, just a simple, ‘hey. How are you?’ Fully punctuated as well, I might add!

The conversation strung over a few days, he’d message, then I would check my phone a few hours later, and reply, he would reply almost instantly, but I wouldn’t have a chance to reply until later that evening, all in all, he seemed to spend a little too much time on Tinder for my liking.

I replied to a message when I got to work one morning, and again, his reply was almost instantaneous. I had enough time before my morning meeting to tap out a brief reply before shutting my phone in my desk.  When I came out of the meeting I checked my phone for any messages and there were a few from him. One responding to my message, another asking a question, and a third telling me its rude not to answer and if I wasn’t interested, I should just say so. Well, talk about mood swings.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I quickly sent a little message stating that I was at work. That seemed to pacify him, for all of 45 minutes. I then received a bombardment of messages, saying he knew I was still on tinder, and I was talking to other men. When in fact, I had been reviewing expenses. His tone changed in every message. One minute he was asking me to message him on whatsapp rather than tinder, ending his message with an ‘x’  the next minute he was practically calling me out as a harlot.

Clearly, someone had forgotten to take their meds and had decided to participate in a 3 way conversation, with me himself and his secondary personality. Towards the end, it was just a conversation with himself and his alter ego. He flitted from polite man to arsehole quicker than I could reply! When I did get a chance to reply, I wasn’t sure who I was speaking to. In the end I gave up, he clearly had issues that needed addressing before he secured himself a date with anyone other than a therapist.  I wrote him off as a wrong-un and carried on my day at work

What is it that makes people think that they can demand immediate responses from people? I’m not the only one in the world that works, in fact, I think I’m in the majority that do work.  I don’t understand how the statement ‘I’m at work’ did not provide enough of a reason for my lack of responses.  It’s not like I had been particularly prompt with my replies before, and he hadn’t said anything then.  I reckon he’s one of those people who loses their temper over the littlest of things, and then can’t see rationally until they calm down.  I’m definitely better off away from him!

It was a little on the stalker side to keep checking my last online time on tinder though.  How would he know that I constantly forget to close my applications down on my phone!? I’m literally online on everything all the time! It’s a good thing I have unlimited data!


Single in South Essex



4 thoughts on “Mr Off His Meds…

  1. The beauty of getting to learn people and their true nature given enough time through virtual dating is finding out who to cut before we even make it face to face. I’ve been able to eliminate many just by their own neuroticism that they’re incapable of hiding for more than a couple days.

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  2. I have run into a couple people like this on Tinder. One guy messaged me about three times and I didn’t respond, because I was driving. I read them but didn’t respond. By the time I got to my destination, he “unmatched” me. Hahaha.

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  3. I had one similar recently on a site I use. Told him I was in the middle of preparing for a party. When I didn’t respond straight away I got a “Well?”. I put him in his place and then he accused me of leading him on when we had only chatted about mundane things. The conversation lasted a whole 20 mins. I constantly shake my head.


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