Mr Smooth Talker…


If there is one thing I cannot stand in a man, its overtly cocksure behaviour in the first few lines of a conversation.  It is a fine line between the confidence that I like and arrogance.

Starting a conversation with a sexual reference, not matter how poetic, is a big no no for me. It puts me in the worst mood possible. I could have had the most amazing day and be on a real high, but as soon as I receive a message like  that, it’s a complete change in mood. I’m literally the Hulk of dating. Without the green and lack of clothes. I really try not to be so hateful towards these men, but the red mist comes down and all of a sudden I can’t help myself.

This lovely gentleman decided a school ground rhyme, given a more of an adult twist would be the way to my icey heart.


Oh how wrong he was


My sister thinks he should be given credit for that perverse alteration of a children’s classic, I on the other hand, think he should be suitably reprimanded.

As far as I am concerned, a rhyme attempting to incite sexual activity is immature and ineffective. Big fat fail. A fail of that magnitude deserved to be shot down in a way that could be understood by the most simple of minds.

Sorry its been a while


Single in South Essex



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