Mr Hot and Cold Strikes again


While out shopping with my mum last night, my phone buzzed in my back pocket. I had my hands full so didn’t bother checking until we got back to hers. It was yet another text from Mr Hot and Cold, asking how I was. I have not replied to any of his texts, so I am baffled as to what has given him the green light to send yet another text.

He is not right for me, and I am not right for him. He wants a girl that will quietly accept everything he does with no argument, he wants to be able to live the single life, but have a sure thing back home. That might suit some people, but it does not suit me. He wants someone to be available all day every day at the drop of a hat, even though he might not call or text for days, he wants someone to be ready when he finally does call or text. He wants a girl that will wait through his ‘I don’t want you right now’ phase and jump at the chance to be with him in his ‘I do want you’ phase. I have a life, I have friends, family and commitments, I cannot just sit around hoping and praying he is going to call me.

I would rather be on my own, than with the wrong person, and that is what I told my mum when she suggested that perhaps he wanted to make amends. She said ‘maybe he could fill the hole until you meet the right one …’ Thanks mum, I’ll bare that in mind. I honestly do not think that she meant it in the nookie sense, but it gave us a great laugh to think my mum was telling me to use a man until something better came along!

But seriously, how clear do I have to be! I do not want to talk to Mr Hot and Cold. If he wants to apologise for being incapable of making his mind up, then he had better start his next text message ‘I’m sorry for the way I acted before…’ and even then, I still don’t think I would reply.

But it’s nice to know my mum is a champion for the Mr Right now scenario with regards to partners.  I’ll remind her of that the next time she meets a hopeful that she disapproves of.

But remember kids… A man is for life, not just for Christmas. Oh wait, that’s dogs, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, A man is for whatever period of time you deem sufficient until you find something better apparently!

Happy man (s)hopping girls! 😉

Love Single in South Essex



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