The Date


I love the zoo, and I will always love the zoo. Today’s date, however, has done serious damage to my view on the zoo.

I’ve been on some awful dates in my time, but this one really takes the cake.

Firstly; He did not even offer to pay. I’m all for equality, but if you ask me on a first date – I expect you to make the grand gesture of offering to pay. First black mark.

Secondly; he wore the same fragrance as my ex. Ok so not entirely his fault, but still definitely counts against him.

Thridly; he could not eat a meal without spilling it down himself. This is disgusting in its own right, but given my previous issues with food, really turned my stomach.

The conversation flowed well, accept when it didnt. He tried a few topics of conversation but ultimately he didnt have the ability to link topics together to form complex conversations. He insisted on telling me about his numerous ‘near death experiences’ which if I’m honest doesnt do anything for me, I’m clumsy enough on my own, without having to look after a 30 year old child as well.

He did buy me a cup of tea (how gentlemanly) but then he did berate me for being from Essex by listing the stereotypes of Essex Girls and laughing about how ridiculous they are.

I am proud of where I am from, don’t be throwing your negativity around. I’ve done a lot of growing up over the last few years, and its made me realise that I do not need to surround myself with negative people.

He has text me saying he had a lovely time and perhaps he was a bit mean, I think he called it ‘playground banter’ I call it bullying. I’ve been with a man who put me down at every opportunity, he crushed my confidence and broke me. I’ve done everything within my power to build myself back up, there is no way that I will put myself in another situation like that.

Personally I do not see a second date on the cards.

But he does owe me for the zoo tickets.

We shall see


Single in South Essex



One thought on “The Date

  1. Obviously he was on the wrong side of the exhibits. I bet you could have made some money…selling him off then running the exhibit.

    “Here we have the common douchecanoe. While varying in size, color, and economic standing, every one of this species has identical characteristics. If left alone long enough, even the most heterosexual amongst them will butt fuck each other happily for days and days and days….”

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