A Date?


I have a date. I have a date with a man. I have a date with a man in two days.

The dates I usually go on are in pubs or bars or for coffee, this date however, is at the zoo.  I love the zoo, I would go every week if I could.

Dates are built up to be magical events in which two people moon over each other in a candle lit restaurant, sipping champagne and speaking in low breathy tones. These dates are the places where love is born. The girl walks in, beautiful dress, flattering her figure, the boy stands up, suited and booted, in awe of the beauty stood infront of him. They share affectionate glances, and swap flirtatious comments. At the end of the night, he sees her home, and if he’s lucky receives a kiss on the cheek and a thank you for a lovely night and then they part ways. He calls the following day, to tell her how much he enjoyed her company, and invites her on another date. The cycle begins again. Date after date until it become official.

This is the stuff that fairytales are made of. A preconceived notion of perfection, planted in every girls mind from the impressionable age of 3 by Walt Disney. Cinderella was stalked by a bloke she met once, he knocked on all the doors in the land to find her, now a days, he would facebook stalk everyone on the guest list until he found her, then when he failed to do so, he would jump on tinder for a quick lay. Sleeping Beauty was married off before she could talk, and then was sexually abused in her sleep by a ‘prince’. There is no way that she could have consented to a kiss because she was unconcious. If that happened today, he would have been put on the sex offenders register (unless he had enough money to make the problem disapear – in which case Sleeping Beauty is a cheap whore!)

I genuinely love a good Disney film, they’re so happy and full of hope and wonder. I remember when I was younger, reciting the wish upon a star poem from Pinoccio and believing that my wish would come true. It didnt. I’ve learned that if you wish for something, the only person that can make your wish come true is yourself.

I am fully aware that I have come across negative and less than enthusiastic about this zoo date, in fact I’m really excited! Its something completely different and should definitely be an experience! I just find it difficult to express enthusiasm and hope towards things like this. I’m very much a ‘prove yourself’ person. I am very warey of people until I have had sufficient time to assess them fully. There is no way on earth that I am getting into another negative and abusive relationship, I have had enough of that thank you very much. I’m perfectly happy on my own, so it’ll take a very special person to change that status.

Perhaps this guy (Mr Potential) will make a start in proving himself to me ?

We shall see.


Single in South Essex



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