Girls Night In!


I’ve spoken about Girls night out, or GNO if you prefer, but I equally adore a girls night in!

I have a girls night in last weekend, with my sister, and my oldest friend and favourite travel blogger, The Tech Gypsy (check out her adventures – ).

It started with a drive home to Essex from Wiltshire, quickly progressed on to wine and carbs and ended with 50 Shades of Grey drinking game…

The drive took about 3 hours, which we filled with music (Kiss and Kisstory proved to be our favourites with a gracious run of fabulous road trip tunes!) and boy talk.

I have known this girl for 20 something years and despite the fact that she lives so far away from me, whenever she visits her hometown of Essex it’s like she never left! On this drive home, there were no boundaries, no topics were off the table, we got in to the real nitty gritty of the male species and analysed their whole existence. From childish adult men who cannot look after themselves, to disastrous dates – we’ve both had our fair share!

We finally arrived home at 8 and after a quick trip to Tesco to acquire some wine, we were home and in our comfies eating our pasta.  We were planning a Girls night out, but after a long day in the car, we decided it would be far more enjoyable to sit and eat our body weight in pasta and watch rubbish TV.  Cue the 50 Shades DVD making an appearance.  We’ve all read the books, but only my sister and I had seen the film, so naturally in to the DVD player it goes, and out comes the wine!

I have to admit, the film seems far more aggressive and one sided than the book.  In the book where you can see what she’s thinking, it almost pacifies his predatory tendencies, where as in the film, you are only aware of what is happening in that moment, not the planning or the thought behind it, which of course makes the performance very 2 dimensional, as opposed to the full view given in the book. (He breaks into her house, steals her car and spanks her for being less than enthusiastic about this! Because, of course, that is the behaviour of a sane person!). This lack of reasoning and conviction demonstrated, made for the perfect girls night in drinking game.

Feel free to adapt the rules to suit you, and let me know how you get on!

Here is how we played:

You will need:

Alcoholic Beverages (we chose wine, but anything works as long as you’ve got enough!)

50  Shades of Grey DVD

Optional: PJs

Optional: Snacks



Pour yourself a drink and press play on the DVD.

Wait for Christian Grey to say something grossly inappropriate (predatory)


We opted to shout ‘Predator’ at the same time, but again, you don’t have to!

Repeat until glass is empty,

Refill glass and the start up again!

Unfortunately, we had an early morning booked for the following day, so had to be mindful about the amount we consumed… but the next time I play this game, I think I’ll need to write the following day off as a duvet day!


Single in South Essex



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