Mr Cold Feet…


I got asked on a date the other day.  I guess he was either intrigued by my dry wit and blunt responses? Either that, or he was too thick to take it as an insult? But seeing as he is studying for his PhD, I’m not thinking he’s that unintelligent? Perhaps he’s book smart, but not real world smart?

He struck up a conversation, and seemed fairly confident, I politely engaged in small talk and pleasantries and it wasn’t long before he was suggesting we go out for a drink. I decided to say yes, I mean, compared to the wierdos I usually attract, he seemed relatively normal.

But as soon as I said yes, that’s when the conversation started to struggle. He would say something  confidently and then straight away back track by saying ‘ oh I didn’t mean that, I’m not good at talking to people’. Literally in the space of 10 minutes he went from King of the World, to King of the Hill. He turned in to a silly little boy who didn’t know how to string words together to hold a conversation, doubting everything he said.  However, I was feeling particularly kind, so I went along with his poor attempt at a conversation, and eventually we picked a day, time and place and left it at that. He said he would text me the following day, which was date day.

Now I, being the sceptic that I am, had my doubts as to whether this date would go ahead. I’ve become something of a good judge of situation, and his personality shift definitely rang alarm bells. I’m not the kind of girl to allow herself to be stood up, I won’t put myself in that situation. So I didn’t bother getting ready early for the drinks, I didn’t wait by my phone for a text or call, I carried on my day, clearing my wardrobes out (joys of joys!) If he did text, I could through a nice top and heels on with my jeans and go to meet him. But sure enough, no text came. Was I disappointed? No. Quite simply, my gut told me it wouldn’t happen, and I believed it. I would rather stay at home and scale peep-toe peak and conquer sundress summit, than be stood up by someone I knew would stand me up.

Let that be a lesson, girls, always trust your gut instincts!


Single in South Essex



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