Mr Baby Maker


Today I received a rather strange message on Plenty of Fish.  It was different from other chat up lines I’ve heard, in the sense that it didnt go directly for the sexual explicits, the guy simply asked me to start a family with him.



Now, there are a few things wrong with this.

Firstly; Ask a girl out for a drink first, before you ask to impregnate her, thats just manners.

Secondly; how does he know I’d be a good mother to his offspring? I can barely look after myself, let a lone a tiny dependant human being!

Lastly; what makes him think I would even want his child growing in me. He wasnt exactly my type at all. I think I would be doing the world a favour by denying his request. The world does not need another guy over promising and under deliverly in all aspects of his life; Looks, intelligence, ambition, ability to chat up women.

No no, the world doesnt even need the guys its got that fit that description. And his request was plural, babies as in more than one! No thank you. I’m perfectly happy with my noonie in tact, thank you very much, and as wonderful as that casanova style offer was, there is no way I’m going to let my fairy end up like a bucket for an offer like that.


Single in South Essex



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