Mr Needs a Babysitter.


There are so many variables when dating.

  • Is he more long lasting, or is he a Hump and Dump kind of guy?
  • Does he prefer to avoid public displays of affection, or is he overly touchy?
  • Does he expect the girl to pay her share of the bill, or does he want to be traditional?
  • Is he equally ambitious in life, or a sponge?
  • Does he dress for the situation, or is a football shirt and trainers his idea of suitable for all situations?
  • Is his idea of a nice restaurant an impressive bistro, or Mcdonalds with the cushioned seats?
  • Does he think a date is one glass of cheap wine in a wetherspoons, or a cocktail on a rooftop bar?

A very important variable for me, is;

Does he need to be home before the street lights go on?

This may sound awful, but I can not stomach the idea of being with a man who is younger than me.  The idea of being with a man who would be more dependant on me than I would on him is very unattractive to me. I like things to be equal, and the idea of babysitting a little boy on dates, just don’t do it for me. For example, I’ll have a glass of wine with dinner (without the need to be ID’d – Clearly I’m getting old!) and if the guy I’m with wants a drink, I want him to be able to order the wine faultlessly, or order a beer without being asked if he’s old enough.

The amount of times I’m approached by younger guys, still at college or working part time at McDonalds, is far to high for someone of my age. I’m in my mid twenties, I’ve worked very hard to build a career to be proud of, I own the home I live in, dont get me wrong, it isnt anything posh or luxurious, but it is mine. I’m not at a time in my life where I want to have children, so why would I want to look after a young lad? Supporting his hobbies and lifestyle along with my own.

Not every young lad fits the stereotype that I have explained above, but the ones who seek me out do.  They think its so attractive to girls that they go out and blow hundreds of pounds every weekend partying, or list ‘full time gangsta’ or ‘full time bad man’ as a career. This is not appealing.

I want a man on the same level as me, one who appreciates the finer things in life, but also doesnt mind the occassional takeaway and rubbish TV night in.

I went on one date with a younger man, he took me to southend seafront to go in the arcades. This date was pure class. He thought it was something different, I thought it was cheap and tacky. I love southend seafront, at one end you’ve got shoebury east beach, which is award winning, then you’ve got the pier, which is the longest leisure pier in the world, it stretches along to chalkwell, and Leigh, which are lovely places and it is home to Rossi’s, which is without a doubt the best ice cream in the UK! However, all these wonderful attributes to do not a good date make. Especially when I am the one driving, because my date had not passed his driving test yet, and catching a bus to a date is soul destroying, and makes a quick getaway so much harder to execute.

This date took place before I was able to value myself as anything higher than the guy I was dating valued me. In this case I thought that I was only worth chips and 2p machines on a friday night. I stayed the course of the date, and promptly suggested leaving when he asked what I wanted to do next (another rookie mistake, if a guy asks me out, he had better be able to plan the whole date, and not ask my advice half way through, because as soon as that happens, my suggestion will always be to call it a day.)

Hope you didn’t mind that little rant at the beginning! I’m not too keen on recreating that date!


Single in South Essex




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