Mr Inappropriate


I’ve been on dating websites for a good few months now, but it still surprises me when men are so forthcoming with their sexual fantasies.

Don’t get me wrong, having that adventurous side is very exciting, alluring even. I am in no way adverse to the idea of trying new things, its a great way to keep things fresh and new in any relationship. Sticking to the same old boring thing is bound to get stale and unappealing sooner or later. However, there comes a time in any relationship where exploring these new ideas and fantasies becomes appropriate. The first conversation is definitely 100% not that time.

I would consider myself fairly knowledgable and well versed in the world of sex, I was with my last boyfriend for 2 years, and in that time, lets just say we enjoyed eachothers company. I’ll spare you the details.  But, however well versed I think I am, I am just as sure, that some of these men on dating websites will make me feel like a complete sexual novice again. To the point where I feel the need to google the sexual acts they are referencing.

The best example of this, would be a lovely little message I received early in the morning, I could only assume the confidence had come from an alcohol fuelled evening with friends, but I am not certain, he could be a night worker who got bored of watching porn on his tablet, and chose to ask for the pornographic acts in real life, but like I said, I have no idea what allowed him to draw the conclusion that this message was a good idea.


To this day, I still do not know what a ‘panty job’ entails. According to the wonder of google, I do know that I really do not want ‘What is a panty job’ on my search history, but there are a few variations, so I cannot be sure which route he wanted to take. The Urban Dictionary has failed to educate me on Mr Inappropriate’s sexual fantasies, but I am sure that I do not want any part of it.

It got me thinking, is the art of conversation dying with the growth of online dating sites? Is tinder effectively killing the need to meet people organically? Although I did not take a particular liking to his forward invitation to join him in his slightly disturbing sexual fantasies, that is not to say that other girls would have the same reaction. In saying that, I’m equally as sure that some men are finding the same problems with girls on these dating sites as I am with these men.

Oh well, we will just have to wait and see what the future holds for Tinder!




Single in South Essex




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