Mr Psycho Killer…


More times than I’d care to admit, I get horrific one liners from strangers. They can range from demands for sexual favours, to absurd facts and everything in between.

Most of the time, its possible to laugh about it, but then you get one that makes you think. I don’t mean think about giving the guy a chance, I mean, think about reporting him to the police.

I’m talking about Mr Psycho Killer.  This man matched with me on Tinder, and then proceeded to say, what I could only believe to be, the creepiest thing he could think of.  It wasn’t until his follow up message a few days later, that I realised he could be much more creepy.


I didn’t reply to his first message, to be honest, I’d had a busy day and forgot to block him, instead I must have just shut the app down and continued on with my day. I now fully appreciate the magnitude of my error. I should have blocked/unmatched this man as soon as his creepy, psychotic message popped up (after screenshotting it, of course!) Because that first message provides more than enough drama to fill the page on here. It really did not need the secondary comment, a chaser if you will. He was doing what I do every day at work, to me. I chase people, for approvals to order, to book and to pay, he was chasing me for the materials to construct a home-made decoration to fuel his psychopathic fantasies.


It got me wondering, I’m hoping that this is one of those ‘shock the girl into responding’ tactics, but what if he really is some weird collector of eyes. Does he just collect eyes? Is it specifically blue eyes? Does he arrange the eyes by colour on his shelf? Does he have an eye shelf, a little finger shelf, a tongue shelf? What if his collection has taken over his whole house? Does he have a house mate who isn’t allowed in certain rooms of the house? How would he go about collecting them, would he use a melon baller? Or would he just hack aimlessly with a carving knife? My brain went into overdrive, but kept coming back to the same question, why is he allowed to use the internet unsupervised?!

Something else that I couldn’t, and still cant understand, was him telling me he had the jar already sitting on the shelf a crude attempt to comfort me. Almost as if I would deny him the privilege of owning my eyes unless he could assure me they have a safe place to sit and collect dust. Creep.

So you see my reasoning behind thinking about contacting  the police.


Single in South Essex



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