Mr Bold…


I love it when a guy just sets me up to knock them back. Its like Christmas and Birthdays all come at once!

This tinderfella went straight in for the kill, very bold of him, it almost pains me to think what would have happened if I had graciously accepted his offer. I imagine he would be a 2 pump chump, a lazy lover, and an all round snoozefest.

Its a fine line between feeling pity for the bloke and being embarressed for him.


With an opening line like that, I felt compelled to see the success rate. I mean, how many girls would respond positively to that?

“Oh, yes please stranger, lets disregard your sexual health, I’m sure such a respectable, polite gentleman as yourself would not have any nasties lurking in your boxers.”


“I thought you’d never ask, you bring the lube, I’ll bring the handcuffs. Do you have a video recorder? I’d like to watch our encounter back tomorrow. Maybe even post it on the internet? Hope you’re ok with that.”

I’m under no illusion that this is the first time he’s used this line, but as far as I’m concerned it is a 0% success rate. I think I hurt his ego when I told him this, but he insulted my intelligence by using that line, so I think we are even.

Perhaps he will take this as a learning curve, and go and find some less forward, more delicate chat up lines for his next attempt to chat up a lady! Or perhaps he will get lucky next time and pick a girl who enjoys being asked for sex in the first line of a conversation.

I wish him all the luck, that he finds what he is looking for, after he’s finished licking his wounds that is! 😉


Single in South Essex



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