Mr Time Traveller…


Following on from chatup lines, I just had to share this one.

The sun is shining, I’m sitting in the garden, sipping my pimms, and my phone buzzes, I have a new match on tinder.

I’m enjoying the sunshine too much to bother checking out who it is, until my phone buzzes again. He’s messaged me. What an eager beaver! Matched and messaged within 2 minutes!

Now, I’m expecting a blunt one liner, requesting some sort of sexual act, where he benefits and I’m left extremely unsatisfied. But this was not what I received.

time travel

I cant even say he gets points for originality. This time traveller shit has been done to death!!

I thought my response would be enough for him to block me, re-evaluate his life and perhaps venture out of his bedroom long enough to meet a real life girl in person, not just through the screen of his smart phone. But no, I undersestimated Mr Time Traveller and his dedication to this chat up line,



He really did put up a fight, and he definitely gets points for effort, but I had a comeback ready and waiting and I was intrigued to see how he handled this one…



Poorly, thats how he handled it. Not only did he fail to pursue the dedication to the story he had shown in previous comments, he also told me where he picked this line up from. I havent replied yet. I’m still debating whether to show mercy and not reply at all, tell him he should have left that line in Smallville, or tell him if he had got one more good time traveller reference in, I’d have travelled back through time and been a bit nicer in my replies.

We shall see how I feel in the morning!

A lovely side note about my dating habits, courtesy of my father.

I’m watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and my lovely dad comes in and asks what I’m watching, so I tell him. His reply was as follows; “10 Days? She should take lessons from you, you can do it in half that time!”


So I’ll leave you with that little gem!


Single in South Essex




One thought on “Mr Time Traveller…

  1. Not exactly the Time Traveller blog I was after, but it made me think about the twenty-somethings in my stories and how woefully inaccurate their lines are. Hope you don’t mind if I get inspired by some of your screenshots. Five years ago the dating scene was a completely different beast.

    PS: Your parents are so lovely! 😉

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