Mr Needy…


If there is something about a guy that I really cannot stand, its needyness! I mean is there anything less masculine than a man that constantly needs possitive confirmation that you’re interested, or that you enjoy their company.

Its like buying a pair of shoes, only to have the store call you every day to check you still like them. It is just impractical.

I matched with this guy on tinder, bearing in mind, I have a very demanding full time job, and my life does not revolve around dating sites.  He messaged me at like 7 in the morning, by which time I was already well on my way to work, and by the time I got to my desk and checked my messages, he had sent me 5 messages. Starting out politely, with a ‘hey how are you’ and ending with ‘rude stuck up cow’

Scarily, that is not the worst one I’ve ever had, see exhibit A below…


I was genuinely scared after receiving this bombardment of messages, and I’ve had to draw the conclusion that he needs to be heavily medicated, and perhaps tinder is the only form of communication allowed at the mental institute?

I have no idea what he wanted to pay me £25 for, I’m choosing to believe its for pizza, but my sister assures me I’m one of the cheapest hookers around.

You can’t make this stuff up. Who begs someone they dont even know to pick a secret to learn, and give them a choice between, suck dick, sisters underwear, his fetish or drag wank.  I dont even want to know any secret relating to any of these! Even if he was the hottest man on earth, I would still run a mile!

I’ve got another needy one, this one, while still creepily forward, was not boarderline phsycotic.


Do I like big cock? Well isnt that the question on everyone’s mind. No, is the answer, I like pathetically tiny unsatisfying dissapointing cock, we’re talking midgit worm sized…. What kind of stupid question is that. I bet he’s got a midgit worm penis, a one-inch not-so-wonder, if you will.

So, moral of the story, bombarding a girl with inappropriate messages is a sure fire way to get unmatched and blocked.


Single in South Essex



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