Give me your best line.


Back to chat up lines. You’ve got to be a certain type of crazy to think that some of these chat up lines will get a girls attention, let alone get her to drop her knickers. Don’t get me wrong, woo me with a Harry Potter chat up line and I’ll more than likely come back for more, but compare me to a whore, and I’ll probably screen shot it and post it here. 😉

This is a good one, but to fully appreciate just how much this made my sister and me laugh, I’ll have to briefly explain a little on going joke. So my sister and I were watching TV, drinking wine one evening, and she looks at me, with a look of pure disgust, and says, ‘you’ve got a massive forehead.’ And then continues to watch TV. Leaving me sitting there deeply shocked at this personal attack. Since then it’s been a joke that I don’t have a forehead, I have a fivehead. Something so silly, but has us laughing every time! So imagine the look on my face when I received this…


I screen shot this and sent it to my sister, with the comment, well its a big enough target!!! But seriously, who on earth starts a conversation with that. No matter how big the desire is to slap your gentiles on a stranger, you at least ask how they are before you disclose your inappropriate fantasies!

Another thing I don’t get, where is the hello, the how are you? It seems far more important to jump straight in to decipher the reason for your presence on the dating site than it is to find out about you. Here are a few little gems demonstrating this, and in turn demonstrating the principal, ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer….


So Mr monopoly was obviously scared at the thought of being beaten by a girl, so tried to play it cool. As if monopoly is some kind of euphemism…

Here is another one;


I mean come on, not even a hello!

I’ve got a few more of these, and I will post them soon!

Hope they’ve made you laugh as much as they made me laugh!


Single in South Essex



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