Tinderella’s tinderfella.


So Tinder is a thing now. They didn’t have this the last time I was single! I guess its a convenient place for sexually promiscuous and careless people to meet and exchange sexual favours? Can’t say that’s something I would want to dabble in, you don’t know where these people have been!!

One thing Tinder is good for is a confidence boost. I challenge anyone feeling a bit low to log onto Tinder, have a little swipe through, judging these other Tinder users, not to feel good about themselves! And when you get a match, boy do you feel good. Its like a bit of positive affirmation that you are attractive, and hey, this guy clearly wants to bang you. You just sit back and bask in the glory of knowing that guy thinks you’re a hot piece of ass.

Then you get a message, oh such fun!

Check this one out…


I mean, does that seriously work? Are there girls out there that are charmed by that? And what does a girl that likes rough passionate sex look like? Well according to Josh, apparently me.

Perhaps you might think I’m a prude. Well I’m not, I like sex as much as the next person. I’m open to new things, even new places. I’ve had sex in an office, in a car, in the garden. I am in no way an uptight missionary only type of girl, but that does not mean I drop my knickers for just anything.

I know what I’m worth, and that is more than a pitiful chatup line and then a quickie behind the bike sheds. I deserve some effort, a guy really has to prove he’s worth my time and effort now. And let me tell you, that screenshot above is the quickest route off of my potential dates list you could find!

I’m sure my response was incredibly accurate. Any guy that feels the need to start a conversation sexually is most likely not getting any!

The only action he probably sees is from his left hand.

Safe to say my less than welcoming response to his message got me ‘unmatched’. Excuse me while I cry about it.

Tinder cracks me up, these people, (I’m sure some girls must do it too.) they seriously think they sound smooth and irresistible. I’ve been told I look the right balance of classy and slutty, I needed to be treated like a lady, but fucked like a whore. Well as far as treating me like a lady goes, starting a conversation with that is a sure fire fail.

I’ve learned very quickly not to take Tinder seriously, it is not a dating site, it’s a hook up site and I am most certainly not a hook up kind of girl!

But I definitely suggest you give it a go, just for a laugh.

Happy Tindering


Single in South Essex



One thought on “Tinderella’s tinderfella.

  1. I was on Tinder for about a week, found it very entertaining!! Haha. I think the key is to get in there with zero expectations and an open mind. My first Tinder date is now my boyfriend who I’m writing a blog with. Life is oh so hilarious.


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